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  • Why Sex Is Binary

    Why Sex Is Binary

    The ideological assault on certain areas of science has recently been unbelievable. While everybody heard of creationists or Flat Earthers (a.k.a., “Flerfers”), a recent decade has seen a rise in the sex denialist movement. This group of hysterical and undereducated brats represents a part of Social Justice (a.k.a. “woke”) ideology (note the name is capitalized).…

  • Red Hat’s new policy strikes RHEL clone vendors

    Red Hat’s new policy strikes RHEL clone vendors

    On June 21, Red Hat announced they stopped publishing RHEL sources to The source rpms for RHEL 8 and 9 will only be available for the customers receiving binaries. This decision sparked a major uproar in the Linux community and resulted in another blog post expanding on the reasons for taking this step. Plenty…