About Me

My name is Krzysztof Młynarczyk.

I’m a scientist, Linux support engineer, and sysadmin.

I spent most of my life as a researcher. I started as a molecular biologist specializing in genetics and soon moved to computational biology. When working on various scientific projects, I had to find the proper technology and learn it if necessary. This way I ended up developing a broad skill portfolio, from developing applications running on high-performance computing clusters through website maintenance (PHP) to Linux system administration. Finally, I moved to the IT industry though I sometimes still help with scientific projects.

I will be posting predominantly rather short articles touching specific problems you may encounter when running Linux (a nano-tip series) but also some thoughts on current events in the IT industry and science. Sometimes I will touch on the topic of personal finance.

This website is under development so quite a bit of it may change.

I hope you will find something useful here.